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Special professorship in pedometrics and digital soil mapping renewed for five more years

16 June 2022

As of June 1, the special professor at Wageningen University in Pedometrics and Digital Soil Mapping was renewed for five more years. The position, held by Gerard Heuvelink (pictured above), is funded by ISRIC – World Soil Information and positioned within the Soil Geography and Landscape Group at the university....

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WOCAT - UNCCD partnership confirmed at COP 15

17 June 2022

At the 15th Conference of the Parties (COP) of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) the UNCCD welcomed the renewed....

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ISRIC prepares for future by renewing colleague connections

27 July 2022

At ISRIC – World Soil Information, the last two years have been unusual. Like everyone, we have experienced unprecedented changes....

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Featured resource


The 2022 World Soil Information Service (WoSIS) release includes more than 20 new datasets supplied by a diverse range of data providers around the world representing over 20,000 new point locations. Access here.

Recent publications from ISRIC researchers

Global mapping of volumetric water retention at 100, 330 and 15,000 cm suction using the WoSIS database. Maria Eliza Turek. [additional authors] 2022. International Soil and Water Conservation Research.

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Spatial statistics and soil mapping: A blossoming partnership under pressure. Gerard B.M. Heuvelin and Richard Webster. 2022. Spatial Statistics. 50, 100639.

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A global soil spectral calibration library and estimation service. Keith D.Shepherd, Rich Ferguson, David HooverFenny van Egmond, Jonathan Sanderman and YufengGe. 2022. Soil Security. 7, 100061.

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Measurement error-filtered machine learning in digital soil mapping. Stephan van der Westhuizen, Gerard B. M. Heuvelink, David P.Hofmeyr, and Laura Poggio. 2022. Spatial Statistics. 47, 100572.

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A candle in the wind. David Dent, Boris Boincean, Yuriy Dmytruk, and Zhanguo Bai. 2022. International Journal of Environmental Statistics. 79:4, 587-596.

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Spatial predictions of maize yields using QUEFTS - A comparison of methods. Mirjam S. Breure, Bas Kempen and Ellis Hoffland. 2022. Geoderma. 425, 11618.

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At the World Soil Museum


The closing symposium for our collaboration with the Museum of Edible Earth took place on June 27 in Impulse on WUR campus, giving the public one more chance to taste soils from around the world.

We have enjoyed some special visitors at the museum this summer including a delegation of Kurdish government officials and a visit from the curator of the Emirates Soil Museum, Ryma Affani, a fellow member of the Global Soil Museum Network.

Both the World Soil Museum and the Global Soil Museum Network were well represented at the World Congress of Soil Science in Glasgow this month. We met many people interested in an in-person or virtual tour. If you are interested in a tour as well, you can request one at this link: Guided Tour Request

Up next

22 - 28 August - Several ISRIC staff are presenting or leading workshops at FOSS4G (Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial) in Florence, Italy on topics including "Diving into pygeoapi" and "Web Mapping with Global Map Projections." Look for ISRIC staff Luis de Sousa (@luis_m_de_sousa), Paul van Genuchten (@pvangenuchten) and Luis Calisto (@luis_calisto) on Twitter and on the program if you want to catch us at the conference.



Laura Poggio

 Digital soil mapping, Remote sensing, Geo-spatial modelling, Pedometrics, Soil

At ISRIC – World Soil Information, Laura contributes to and manages projects focusing on digital soil mapping, such as SoilGrids, and on integrating ground observations with remote sensing data.

Languages: English, Italian, French

In her free time, Laura likes to explore nature and enjoys reading about it.

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